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Company Profile
  • Company Profile

  • Blending quality materials with unbeatable values and excellent customer care, iPure Nail is a premier nail art tool manufacturer of UV nail lamps, LED nail lamps, CCFL nail lamps, nail drills, nail dust collectors, and electrotherapy equipment including hair removal devices, paraffin wax baths, and nail forms. We offer one of the largest and most extensive collections of nail art supplies that have been refined over 10 years of experience and are known for their style, precision and value.

    From our beginning in 2002, we have become a major exporter of nail art and nail care products all over the world, to places including the United States, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, Britain, Italy and more. We pride ourselves on supplying nail art tools that are both versatile and affordable. With a number of years of experience, iPure Nail and our proprietary brand Dignail have successfully become one of the leading brands within the nail art industry in China.

    iPure Nail offers a wide array of reliable nail lamps, nail drills, paraffin wax baths, nail dust collectors, nail forms and more to customers in online stores, wholesalers, nail art studios, SPA beauty salons, and more to meet bulk purchasing needs. If required, we can also supply OEM and ODM services, including planning and project operation to supply customized products. We will provide expert suggestions ranging from product design all the way to the product's packaging, especially for customers whose primary focus is online marketing. We are also seeking talented agents to work with us and assist in promoting both iPure Nail and Dignail.

    We pay strict attention to the quality of our products. Our quality management systems have successfully earned us both CE and RoHS certification, and the system includes the purchase department, production department, research and development department, quality inspection department, sales department, and service department.
    Purchase Department: This department is in charge of the first stop of product quality. They procure all materials needed, spare parts, and accessories, including ABS material, stainless steel, LED lamp beads, UV light tubes, Japanese NSK components and more.
    Production Department: With 6 production lines and more than 100 skilled A-list employees, iPure Nail can produce 3,000 sets of nail art equipment to meet customer needs for bulk orders. Our employees do not work independently until they undergo a 3 month training process, and have worked under the guidance and supervision of an experienced mentor for 1 year. Employees in key positions have at least 3 years of experience.
    Research and Development Department: Our research and development department launches new products annually according to specific market conditions. Our nail art and nail care products are independently developed and have been awarded the related patents.
    Quality Inspection Department: This department ensures that each piece of nail art equipment does not leave the factory until they meet all quality standards and operate for at least 24 hours continuously, without failing. Spot checks are also carried out before delivery.
    Sales and Service Department: We pride ourselves on on-time delivery and help our customers solve problems in real time. Our complete services also include relevant professional knowledge and advisory service on the application of the nail art and nail care supplies.

    iPure Nail was established

    iPure Nail is established as a proprietary brand to allow our investors to access a greater market in the nail art industry.

    We became CE and RoHS certified.

    Our nail lamps and other nail art products were researched and developed.

    A number of our UV nail lamps in different styles were developed.

    We became ISO14001:2004 certified.

    Our second proprietary brand: Dignail was founded.

    Dongguan iPure Nail Beauty Co., Ltd. was used as our formal company name.

    We became ISO9001:2008 certified.

    iPure Nail has become a member of the Association of Nail Art Equipment in Guangdong Province, China.