1. 36W UV Nail Lamp, UL-303

      The UV light on the UV nail lamp not only cures the nail gel, but it also cleans and sterilizes, by quickly killing bacteria that remains in nails, allowing your nails to grow stronger and healthier.

    1. 36W UV Nail Lamp, UL-705

      With a built in fan, inductor and 0-600 second automatic timer, the UV nail lamp is capable of bringing a more appealing and smooth curing effect to your nails.

    1. 36W LED Nail Lamp, LE-18K

      iPure Nail's LE-18K 36W LED nail lamp is a gel curing lamp that has an LCD display, sliding lid, automatic inductor, and a magnet on the bottom base.
      The timing options are 5, 20 or 30 seconds.

    1. 18W LED Nail Lamp, LE-035

      It uses an imported LED light source, automatic inductive control, and arbitrary timing technology. Our LED nail lamp can accommodate both hands simultaneously, saving time and improving efficiency.

    1. 1W LED Nail Lamp, LE-001

      iPure Nail is a nail expert that researches and develops nail art equipment. The heart shaped, pink LE-001 1W LED nail lamp, is made from ABS plastic, making it versatile, efficient, anti-UV, and user-friendly.

    1. 12W LED Nail Lamp, LE-002

      This LE-002 12W LED nail lamp is a classic LED gel lamp specially designed to cure common nail gels, including resin, gel primer and top coat. If you’re interested in learning more about the nail art machine, please feel free to contact us.

    1. 6W LED Nail Lamp, LE-003

      With the LEDs arranged up and down, the LED nail lamp can match the natural curvature of nails.
      The LED nail lamp works with resin and LED gels. UV gels and colored gels are not to be used with this lamp.

    1. 36W/18W CCFL Nail Lamp, CL-020

      This CCFL nail lamp has two models: the 36W and the 18W. It is a dual use nail dryer, equipped with CCFL light tubes and LEDs to cure different nail gels. The CCFL nail lamp has an extra-long service life, and the light tubes do not need to be replaced.

    1. 18W CCFL Nail Lamp, CL-026

      Under the same brightness levels, CCFL lamps have a lower power consumption than incandescent lamps. It uses only 20% of energy in comparison, and saves up to 80% electrical consumption.

    1. 30W CCFL Nail Lamp, CL-026H

      This automatic inductive CCFL gel lamp has fins on silicon-controlled parts and has an improved reliability as well as an extended service life.We use a dip soldering process on the printed circuit board.

    1. 25000RPM Electric Nail File, ND-288

      Our electric nail drill has an adjustable speed, forward and reverse rotation, manual control and foot control. Each of these options caters to different personal habits and makes the drill easier to control.

    1. 35000RPM Electric Nail File, ND-502

      iPure Nail’s ND-502 35000RPM electric nail file is an nail drill machine that has a user friendly design and a fashionable style. This safe and easy to use electric nail drill is easy on the hands, and its high quality ...

    1. 35000RPM Electric Nail File, ND-502B

      When paired with different drill bits, the electric nail file can be used not only for nail art, but it can also be used to grind and polish molds and false teeth, as well as processing, carving.

    1. 15000RPM Electric Nail File, ND-298

      If you would like to do your own manicure at home, simply plug the nail drill into a wall outlet. As it does not run using batteries or a charger, it allows for immediate use in your DIY nail art.

    1. 25000RPM Electric Nail File, ND-228

      iPure Nail's ND-228 25000RPM electric nail file has an excellent and serviceable design. It is designed to polish, grind, exfoliate and engrave, and its clamping device is replaceable to better prolong the service life.

    1. 23W Nail Dust Collector, NC-020

      Nail dust collector works efficiently, safely, quietly and reliably. It is equipped with filter and dust bags. This allows the dust suction collector to easily vacuum crumbs, debris, and powder generated during the nail care.

    1. 23W Nail Dust Collector, NC-338

      Nail dust collector is safe and reliable, and can effectively suction dust and waste into the dust bag, providing a clean and sanitary desktop for nail care and nail beauty. The manicure machine comes with 3 dust bags.

    1. Depilatory Wax Heater

      This electrotherapy equipment is ideal for removing armpit hair, body hair, and air on the bikini line. It is also useful for facial waxing. The easy to use depilatory wax heater is an excellent choice for hair removal and is suited for anyone's use.

    1. Paraffin Wax Bath

      It features a 40-50℃ low temperature PTC thermostat and can provide better care for your hands. The paraffin wax bath is designed to deeply moisturize, hydrate and nourish your nails and hands. It can also be used for foot care, facial care and other bodily care.

    1. Nail Form

      They come in a variety of shapes, including square, fish, U, frogs, butterflies, C, heads and more. We also provide customized nail forms and other customized nail art supplies at reasonable prices.