1. 36W/18W CCFL Nail Lamp, CL-020

      This CCFL nail lamp has two models: the 36W and the 18W. It is a dual use nail dryer, equipped with CCFL light tubes and LEDs to cure different nail gels. The CCFL nail lamp has an extra-long service life, and the light tubes do not need to be replaced.

    1. 18W CCFL Nail Lamp, CL-026

      Under the same brightness levels, CCFL lamps have a lower power consumption than incandescent lamps. It uses only 20% of energy in comparison, and saves up to 80% electrical consumption.

    1. 30W CCFL Nail Lamp, CL-026H

      This automatic inductive CCFL gel lamp has fins on silicon-controlled parts and has an improved reliability as well as an extended service life.We use a dip soldering process on the printed circuit board.