1. 36W LED Nail Lamp, LE-18K

      iPure Nail's LE-18K 36W LED nail lamp is a gel curing lamp that has an LCD display, sliding lid, automatic inductor, and a magnet on the bottom base.
      The timing options are 5, 20 or 30 seconds.

    1. 18W LED Nail Lamp, LE-035

      It uses an imported LED light source, automatic inductive control, and arbitrary timing technology. Our LED nail lamp can accommodate both hands simultaneously, saving time and improving efficiency.

    1. 1W LED Nail Lamp, LE-001

      iPure Nail is a nail expert that researches and develops nail art equipment. The heart shaped, pink LE-001 1W LED nail lamp, is made from ABS plastic, making it versatile, efficient, anti-UV, and user-friendly.

    1. 12W LED Nail Lamp, LE-002

      This LE-002 12W LED nail lamp is a classic LED gel lamp specially designed to cure common nail gels, including resin, gel primer and top coat. If you’re interested in learning more about the nail art machine, please feel free to contact us.

    1. 6W LED Nail Lamp, LE-003

      With the LEDs arranged up and down, the LED nail lamp can match the natural curvature of nails.
      The LED nail lamp works with resin and LED gels. UV gels and colored gels are not to be used with this lamp.

    1. 2W LED Nail Lamp, LE-003T

      This means it can be connected to computers, cars, mobile chargers and anywhere else with USB accessibility. The LED nail lamp allows you to enjoy a manicure nearly anywhere.

    1. 42W LED Nail Lamp, LE-004

      As a professional manufacturer of nail art accessories, we supply high-quality and cost effective LED nail dryers. Our LE-004 42W LED nail lamp features a curing within 15 seconds and a 2 year warranty. It can effectively cure your nails without tanning your hands.

    1. 54W LED Nail Lamp, LE-008

      Using the latest in technology for LED, the LED nail lamp can be used to cure resin gel, gel primer, and top coats within 30 seconds. It can also dry colored gel within 10 seconds.

    1. 9W LED Nail Lamp, LE-009

      iPure nail supplies numerous nail art tools, including the dual use LE-009 9W LED nail lamp. It uses an LED light source and has an accelerated curing speed, which significantly saves time and energy.

    1. 3W LED Nail Lamp, LE-022

      This compact LED nail lamp is easy to carry and occupies very little space. It helps technicians in nail salons apply stylish and personalized nail art, and also meets the needs of users at home.

    1. 9W LED Nail Lamp, LE-900

      It is designed for DIY users to do their own nail art at home. The LED nail lamp effectively cures the gel primer within 15 seconds, and colored gel and top coats within 45 seconds. Our LED nail dryer cures nail gels, and its speed saves time.