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Agents of 'iPure Nail' and 'Dignail'

With more than 10 years of development in the nail art equipment industry, iPure nail created the brand name "IPure Nail" in 2002 and "Dignail" in 2010. Currently, our nail art supplies under both brands have become widely recognized and preferred products to thousands of nail and beauty organizations in China, and we hope that both brands can do well in overseas markets as well. We are currently looking for talented agents to join us.

1. Agents must agree with our business principle, and be enthusiastic about market development and brand promotion.
2. Understand iPure Nail's products, and have more than a year of marketing experience. They must also be familiar with the local market condition for nail art products.
3. They must own a business license and have an excellent business reputation.
4. The must possess great management abilities and skills.

If your orders exceed a certain amount, we can customize nail art products according to market needs, and both parties can negotiate the market development program in the early stages of our cooperation.

We look forward to working with you.