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DIY Nail Art at Home

Nail art is a fun thing, and doing DIY nail art at home is easier and cheaper than going to a salon, and it makes it easier to match the color and style of your outfit for the day. By using our nail art tools to do DIY nails at home, you'll have beautiful and quality nails.

This equipment is also useful for professional nail art technicians running a small scale nail art studio individually or with a few partners in a location such as a shopping mall. These affordable and high quality nail art equipment pieces are a great choice

iPure Nail provides home users and small nail art studios with stylish and assorted nail art products, including nail lamps, nail drills, nail dust collectors, and paraffin wax baths, among others. All of them come in different models, styles, and colors. We are proud of the fact that they can meet diverse customer needs.

Our Services
1. Suggestions on assorted nail art tools
2. High-quality nail art and nail care products
3. Operation guidance
4. Maintenance tips
5. 12-month warranty

Note: We generally do not sell nail art equipment directly to individuals. We suggest that individual users buy from distributors or agents. However, if you are interested in doing business within the nail art industry, we are happy to provide quality and affordable nail art products.